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Scientific contributions

Peer-reviewed articles


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Chapters of book

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Referee for

Nature Communications, Nature Climate Change, Journal of Climate, Geophys. Res. Lett., Journal of Geophys. Res., Journal of Physical Oceanography, Journal of Oceanography, The Cryosphere, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.


Oral communications (selection)

  • Making advanced predictions in the Arctic and beyond: Developments and results of the APPLICATE project (AGU Fall meeting, December 2020 - remotely). Poster.

  • Challenges in the evaluation of large-scale sea ice models (Sea Ice in the Earth System: a multidisciplinary perspective, Brest, June 2019). Slides.
  • Arctic sea ice predictions and how to evaluate them (PARAMOUR seminar series, UCLouvain, February 2019). Slides.
  • How to enjoy writing your next scientific paper? (APPLICATE Early career event, ECMWF, Reading, January 2019) Slides.
  • Challenges in climate model evaluation (APPLICATE General Assembly, ECMWF, Reading, January 2012). Slides.
  • Future of Earth System Models: Polar Climates (Caltech, Pasadena, November 2018). Slides.
  • Arctic sea ice predictions from days to decades: are we there yet? (Keynote presentation at Arctic Frontiers meeting, Tromso, January 2017). Slides with transcript.
  • The all-time high record of Antarctic sea ice extent. (Polar Predictability meeting, Reading; PREDANTAR meeting, UCL). Slides.
  • High-resolution in seasonal climate prediction (High-latitude dynamics workshop, Rosendal, Norway; IUGG, Prague, 2015). Slides.
  • 2014, year of extremes? (Seminar at the IC3 and UCL, 2015). Slides.
  • Data assimilation in sea ice modeling (Seminar in the LEGI/LGGE teams, Grenoble, July 2014). Slides.
  • Future of the Louvain-la-Neuve sea ice model (NEMO Users meeting, Grenoble, July 2014). Slides.
  • Data assimilation with sea ice models (SIPN Workshop, NCAR, Boulder, April 2014). Slides. Video.
  • Constraining projections of summer Arctic sea ice (IGS Symposium, Hobart, March 2014). Slides.
  • Overview of current and future developments with LIM (EC-Earth meeting, Reading, February 2014). Slides.
  • Modelling recent and future sea ice changes (Belgium National Committee for Antarctic Research, Brussels, December 2013). Slides.
  • Calibration of sea ice dynamic parameters (Scientific visit at IC3, Barcelona, December 2013). Slides.
  • Modeling recent and future sea ice changes - An assessment of COMBINE/CMIP5 results (COMBINE Final General Assembly, Wageningen, October 2013). Slides
  • Ensemble Kalman filter in sea ice modeling. (IICWG Workshop, Bremen, May 2013). Slides.
  • Climate change and computational compromises (CÉCI annual scientific meeting, Namur, April 2013). Slides.
  • Constraining projections of summer Arctic sea ice (EGU General Assembly, Vienna, April 2013). Slides
  • Changes in Southern Ocean sea ice thickness and volume reconstructed with data assimilation (solicited talk, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, April 2013). Slides.
  • Ensemble sea ice data assimilation with NEMO-LIM (EGU General Assembly, Vienna, April 2013). Poster.
  • 21st century changes in the Arctic sea ice cover: what can we learn from CMIP5 models? (3rd International Conference on Earth System Modelling, Hamburg, September 2012). Slides.
  • Constraining projections of summer Arctic sea ice (Climate Change in High Latitudes, Bergen, September 2012). Poster.
  • Climate projections of Arctic sea ice: what can we learn from global models? (MeteoClim, Liège, June 2012). Slides.
  • The recent decadal variability of the sea ice cover as viewed from a numerical model (UNITER, Brussels, December 2011). Slides.
  • Sea ice modelling with LIM (CLIC meeting, Boulder, October 2011). Slides.
  • A data assimilation approach for reconstructing sea ice volume in the Southern Hemisphere (WCRP Open Science Conference, Denver, October 2011; Harmony on Ice meeting, Paris, November 2011; 3rd International Conference on Earth System Modelling, Hamburg, September 2012). WCRP Outstanding Poster presentation. Slides.
  • What is the importance of sea ice physics in global simulations at decadal time scales? (ResClim Summer School, UNIS, June 2011; WCRP Open Science Conference, Denver, October 2011). UNIS' best Poster award.
  • Global sea-ice data assimilation in NEMO-LIM: towards systematic biases reduction in sea-ice concentration and thickness (COMBINE General Assembly, MetOffice, May 2011). Slides.
  • Importance of physics for global hindcast simulations of sea ice with NEMO-LIM (EC-Earth meeting, ECMWF, Jan. 2011 ; EGU General Assembly, Vienna, April 2011). Slides. Updated Slides.
  • Seminar series on Sea Ice, TECLIM Seminar (UCL, November 2010). Slides.
  • Importance of physics, resolution and forcing in hindcast simulations of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability and trends (WCRP Seasonal to Multi-decadal Predictability of Polar Climate, Bergen, October 2010). Slides.
  • Comparative study of sea ice response from NEMO-LIM3 to two atmospheric forcings (EGU General Assembly, Vienna, May 2010; IPY Belgian Symposium, Brussels, May 2010; EC-Earth meeting, Barcelona, June 2010). Poster. Slides.
  • Floquet Instabilities on Rossby Waves (APMA935, Simon Fraser University, 2008; PHY2151, UCL, March 2010).  Slides.
  • PhD Proposal (EC-Earth meeting, Reading, Dec. 2009). Slides
  • Review of assimilation techniques (ASTR, Dec. 2009). Slides


Doctoral thesis

Evaluation and improvement of climate simulations of sea ice (graduation: 25th of April, 2014)

Members of the jury: T. Fichefet (supervisor), H. Goosse (supervisor), M. Crucifix, V. Legat, M. Vancoppenolle, L. Bertino, D. Notz, M. -L. De Keersmaecker (chair)

Private defense (28th February 2014). Slides.

Public defense: Slides.


Other publications & outreach

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