Personal details 

Name:             Bas van Wesemael    
Date of Birth: 17 July 1959  
Sex:                 Male                                
Nationality:     Dutch 

  • BSc Physical Geography; University of Amsterdam; May 1982
  • MSc Physical Geography; University of Amsterdam; February 1987
  • PhD Environmental Science; University of Amsterdam; June 1992 

Career details 


Full Professor in physical geography

10-2003 to 9-2009

Associate Professor in physical geography

10-2005 to 2-2010

Chair of Department Geology and Geography

9-1999 to 10-2003

Assistant Professor

9-1997 to 8-1999

Senior Lecturer, Member of Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University, United Kingdom

9-1995 to 8-1997

Lecturer Middlesex University, United Kingdom

1-1993 to 6-1995

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Post doc research associate in European research project on Mediterranean desertification and land use (MEDALUS II)

8-1992 to 12-1992

Valkenberg Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau, Haarlem, The Netherlands, Environmental consultant working on soil contamination

Professional activities 
  • Principal investigator in research projects funded by EU (number of past and present projects of more than 1 year: 3), Federal government (4), Walloon Region (1), Commission Universitaire du développement (1), Communauté française en Belgique (1).
  • Supervision of PhD students: 7 completed and 2 ongoing
  • Co-organiser of 4 international congresses or sessions
  • Associate editor European Journal of Soil Science
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Catena
  • Member of the Commission ‘Earth Science and Climate of the Fund for Scientific Research (FWO), Flanders
  • Visiting scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University (USA° from September to December 2009
  • Publications: 60 in peer reviewed journal covered by the science citation index (H index = 16), 5 in other peer reviewed journals, 18 book chapters and 5 in journals without peer review










Earth & Climate

Sciences and Technology


Place Louis Pasteur 3, mailbox L4.03.08,
1348, Louvain-la-Neuve